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Current range status, and specific rules taking place now.
Rifle Range. Niagara Regional Sportsmen's Gun Club

Current Range Status & Rules

General Range Rules
  • Use Club facilities in a safe manner. No drugs or alcohol to be consumed on the premises. If observed your membership can be revoked without refund.
  • Always wear your badge and eye and ear protection.
  • Write down your time of arrival in the book located at the various ranges or clubhouse(main book is located at the 25/50 range. When you do this raise the red flag at the clubhouse area if this is not already done. This red flag applies to any and all range use for your stay including archery.
  • Use Approved targets for each specific range as dictated by each range.
  • Family or Guest (after 1 year) NON Pal Holder- must be under direct supervision of you. You cannot shoot alongside them.
  • Shoot your firearms in a safe manner- All shots to be directed at the backstop or in the bullet catchers if so equipped with them.
  • Any LEGAL magazine capacities are allowed at the club.
  • Check for people downrange before changing the line to Red Flag Condition or “Live” or “Hot” Range. Ensure Red Flag at the clubhouse is up before placing a range under Live Condition.
  • If there are 2 members on the line you need to designate an RSO (Range Safety Officer).
  • Clean up your mess. Cardboard to be placed in burn barrels across from the ranges. No empty cases or live ammunition to be placed here.
  • No smoking during black powder shoots inside of range near people shooting black powder firearms.
  • Red canister on the 25/50 and/or 50/100 to be used for dud ammunition you do not want to take home.
  • Brass buckets are for brass only. Take steel case ammunition home with you. Ensure you clean up any live rounds from the ground before you leave the range.
  • Place target holders back in the storage area with clean faces (Example-no paper left on them). If the holder is too broken to be of use please place it in the burn barrel for disposal.
  • No holsters allowed unless during action shooting event under official practice/shoot schedule
  • If there is a problem with any range please help us by emailing the club to let them know with some details. We appreciate feedback
  • No shooting at any wildlife on the premises at any time.
  • Club Usage Hours- Sunrise to sundown. Daily check website and newsletter for any shoots or maintenance dates.

2024 Current Officers


Patrick Patterson

Vice President

Peter Rempel


Dan Michels


Gary Iggulden






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