Niagara Regional Sportsmen's Gun Club

Since 1976, our club encourages organized shooting with a view toward a better knowledge of the safe handling and proper care of firearms as well as improved marksmanship and sportsmanship.
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Niagara Regional Sportsmen’s Gun Club

From our humble beginnings in 1976, the Niagara Regional Sportsman Gun Club, located in the heartland of St Ann’s on 27 acres, now offers our Club members a wide variety of shooting disciplines to take part in.

Our Club includes an outdoor Archery, Sporting Clay, Handgun, and Rifle Ranges for our members to enjoy.

Our Club remains focused on promoting safe sport shooting while continuing to encourage true fellowship and sportsmanship for all.

NRSGC NEW Storage Shed

All done and now in use!

The Range is OPEN

From Left to Right:

left to right: Berndt Meyer, Mark Johnson, Peter Rempel, Brian Pihack, Jim Doherty,
Victor Packard, John Fourier, Brian Hendry, Brian Murray, Michael DeRosa.


Well Howdy there Fellow Buffalo Shooters,
I believe we can all agree, the ” 7th annual ” was a great buffalo hunt, everyone brought home to the family , the winters meat,
Brian Murray with 11 buffalo, Brian Hendry and Mark John with 10, Peter Rempel with 7, Jim Doherty with 6, Michael DeRosa with 5, John Fourier and Berndt Meyer with 4, Brian Pihack with 3, did I say ” all ” brought home meat, well that is the exception to me, all the buffalo I shoot at managed to
” dodge ” duck, evade, escape, avoid,……. my 405-grain bullet, I will mount up in the morning and search out a ” vegetarian cook book ” and hope for spring,
this year I was looking for something to spice up the shoot, while sitting at my desk, I glaze down to notice a 1 3/4 inch bore cannon with a 30-inch tube,
HUZZAH !, we will start the hunt with a cannon shoot, the champion shooter of the past year will have the honour of ” touching her off “
in 2023, the honour goes to Brian Murray, now twice past champion,
but then there is Brian Hendry, ” 5 time ” Champion shooter, Brian as well most touch off the cannon, the honour is more than deserved
being a rifleman, 120 grains of double F down a muzzle is to say the least a formidable charge, here we put down 2½ oz of double F powder down her,
it occurs to me at this point, I’m planning this on a CFO sanctioned gun range ( ? ) this decision requires a higher authority then myself,
I contact Gerry Gamble, it is a GO, thank Gerry, for we will make this an annual event , ” honours to the Champion “
I would like to sincerely thank those who helped me put this all together, Larry for the wonderful job you did taking charge of the BBQ
and turning out the best BBQ buffalo burgers and my Barbara who baked the most delicious buffalo cookies, and Brian Hendry who came up with the “buffalo targets ” ( I should have listened to him earlier ) and others too numerous to name, thank you all,
and Happy trails,

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